The Sunnyside School

Private Music Lessons

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Recital Room Phil, guitar instructor Nick Recital Piano Kayla at the piano

All piano, guitar, and voice students are invited to participate in our yearly recital at Helmsley Hall in Richmond Town.

Piano – Kindergarten and up
Voice – ages 8 and up
Violin – around ages 6 or 7
Guitar – around ages 6 or 7

Basic Description
For piano, guitar and violin, private study at the proper age incorporates notation as well as performance. Notation is the study of symbols for the acquisition of the language of music. Theory, which follows notation, requires age and experience to absorb. It is a more complex understanding of music, suitable when the student is able to understand advanced concepts. Method books are chosen according to the student’s ability. Private lessons start at 30 minutes for the beginner and 45 to 60 minutes for the intermediate or advanced student.

Our voice program at the school is quite extensive.
Children can segue into musical theater for more vocal stage performance, our group vocal performance class, or enjoy our recital program.

Lessons Consist of
♫ Pitch Recognition
♫ Breath Control
♫ Diction
♫ Posture
♫ Repertoire
♫ Range expansion
♫ Communication
♫ Interpretation