The Sunnyside School

Musical Theater

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Ages 7 to 17 ~ Friday Afternoon Classes
Many elements are at each child’s fingertips in this class. Workshop, performance, singing, and choreography are woven into a fun and comprehensive framework for each class.

Our focus is to have a complete and effective process which will lead us to a great product. This age bracket bonds well and quickly into a team concept. The development of social skills adds to the layering of many class aspects that bring the children to new levels of development.

In June, the two performances will include all the elements so children grow accustomed to everything from bright lights and changing sets to the roar of applause.

whitney stone
Whitney Stone, multi-talented class instructor.
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John Febb-Fevelo, the school’s founder and professional pianist, John is the musical director for the theater group. With extensive experience in many performance areas, the school's various music programs have a special flare to them. Click here to see John's Bio